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Rows Blaster snapshot from menu screen Snapshot of the game playing Rows Blaster
Rows Blaster snapshot during a chain react(combo) Beat the best online gamers, to enter the hall of fame
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Rows Blaster
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Rows Blaster is a free online game without restrictions and limations. it's a nice design puzzle game.

This game was made to work on modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera, Safari ... Rows Blaster do not need flash player since it's written in HTML5 free HTML5 games. You can probably play to it at work or school even if your villain of an administrator has blocked the Flash plugin :)

Game rules, user instructions:

A set of 3 balls of color falling down, you must pile them up to get a minimum of 3 identical balls aligned either horizontally or vertically and as well in diagonal in order to eliminate them and score points.
A word of advice, do not hesitate to make a chain-react (combo) to get extra points, there for you must anticipate the next sets, and pile up judiciously colored balls.

Below, 6 differents colors that you will find during the game:
Red ball from Rows Blaster game Yellow ball from Rows Blaster game Green ball from Rows Blaster game Cyan ball from Rows Blaster game Blue ball from Rows Blaster game Purple ball from Rows Blaster game

Controls during the game:

Pause during the game Pause     ESC key allow you to quit the game Quit game/menus
Key to move to the left in the gameKey to move to the right in the game Move balls to Left/Right
Key to cycle balls upKey to cycle balls down Cycle balls Up/Down and select options in menus
CTRL Key to accelerate during the game or validate menus Accelerate falling balls/Menus validation


Rows Blaster TOP10

01 - 015600 - Rows Blaster #1 ALGARADERows Blaster #1
02 - 014790 - ALGARADE
03 - 013700 - DZESKI
04 - 012790 - ALGARADE
05 - 011870 - MEMEME
06 - 011590 - DZESKI
07 - 011350 - DZESKI
08 - 011340 - DZESKI
09 - 011270 - DZESKI
10 - 011260 - DZESKI

Scores date: 07-23-2024
A small return to the the past: this game was remake of a game we did in 1997 that worked on an Amiga 500 (Coded in AMOS) then on Amiga 1200 (Coded in BlitzBasic) under the name Amiga Columns (AGA for 1200 version), unfortunately the source code was lost and the game never uploaded on Aminet.

In 2004 with ex-Magic Productions Rows Blaster was reborn from its ashes with a version avalaible on mobile phone (T610, Symbian S60,...) and on Archos Gmini 400 (MP3 player) too. Others versions was underway but never released.
  Rows Blaster version téléphone mobile symbian S60 (Nokia...)Rows Blaster version téléphone mobile sony ericsson T610

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At this time the only game available is Rows Blaster, other free online games should see the light of day, to keep informed about games to come, follow @xtr_games on Twitter or Facebook.

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