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Latest news:

12/01/2014 : Added "Fullscreen" button on Rows Blaster.
11/25/2014 : A small CPC intro remake : TB Crackers
11/22/2014 : Rows Blaster's hiscores are reinitialised, be famous play now :)
05/26/2013 : xtrgames.com website is now finished and online.
05/17/2013 : Rows Blaster works now on Safari. It's not the best renderering, besides audio isn't supported by default on Windows version if Quicktime isn't up to date.
03/21/2013 : Rows Blaster is now ready, you can play it online.
11/09/2012 : Rows Blaster is under development.

About XTR Games:

Free HTML5 online games XTR Games is a free online game developer created in 2012 for modern web browsers supporting HTML5 standard. You can play our games everywhere without installing anything on your computer and without any plugins for your favorite Web browser.

XTR Games have chosen WEB as a platform since HTML5 (canvas + audio) is supported on most modern web browsers, because there is millions of internet users and our small games developed without pretension will work correctly on any basic configuration. Sure it's not the best efficiency solution in terms of performance compared with a native game, but it's cross-platforms and it's a undeniable fact.

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Rows Blaster

Rows Blaster is the first published game from us for your web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera, Safari. It's a simple design puzzle game where you must pile up differents colored balls that falls down permanently to get a minimum of 3 identical balls aligned either horizontally or vertically as well in diagonal in order to eliminate them and score points. don't hesitate to make chain-react.
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